Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why You Need Sexy, Feel Fabulous Lingerie

In our recent blog post, Bra Wardrobe Essentials, we talked about sexy, feel fabulous bras being an essential part of your lingerie wardrobe.

Now this is a category some ladies skip, but you shouldn’t! Here’s why.

Being a woman is something to celebrate! A woman’s body is a beautiful creation, no matter what your size, shape or skin flaws. It’s how we hold ourselves. Sexy lingerie is, simply, lingerie that makes YOU feel sexy. It doesn't mean lingerie that you only wear on a date. When you feel sexy, your attitude shows it, and what’s sexier than a body-confident attitude?

Women are gorgeous creatures with all different body shapes and we have a huge variety of options in lingerie. Lingerie has come a long way since the ’70s, and yes, it's possible you may need a lingerie specialist to help show you what is best for your body shape today.

What to wear?

Try a silk or lacy bra that hugs and enhances your body and makes you feel sexy, or a low plunge neckline, push up bra, sheer lace, bows, ruffles, or frills! Oh my! It might be as simple as a print and a higher cut panty that enhances your curves. Wear what makes you feel sexy and shows off your body best.

A matching panty is a must in my opinion with sexy, feel fabulous bras. There is nothing sexier than a matching lingerie set. Grabbing two pair of panties allows more wear out of your sexy, feel fab bras because when one is in the wash, you have the other to wear. It also keeps your panties looking new and fab, because we wash our panties more than we wash our bras. 

 Scupltress Chi Chi

Empreinte Grace

Wear it for yourself! Wear it for your man! If your man tells you he doesn't care about lingerie, I beg to differ. Show him option A and option B, men love a tease!

Why we need sexy, feel fabulous lingerie in our wardrobe

It’s not about the size you wear; it’s about how you wear your size.
When you feel confident about yourself, it shows in your personality. Your lingerie is your foundation to the clothing you wear every day. When you throw on a bra and panty that doesn’t flatter the shape of your body, or is old and worn out, you can feel frumpy and naturally your confidence goes down.
Remember, confidence is sexy! Body confidence is empowering; let’s teach our children, and
ourselves, to love our bodies. And you can’t teach something you don’t believe!

Freya Pansy

Your sexy, feel fabulous bra can be:
  • Something sexy: lace, coloured, animal print!
  • Something that enhances your body and makes you feel rockin’: this might be a high-waisted panty and bra set or a support bra set that gives your body a great silhouette
  • Shapewear: shapewear can be sexy! There are many options in shapewear - it doesn’t have to be plain beige. Shapewear not only helps smooth and perk up the body, it can create a vintage, pin-up look (so sexy). Try to get this set in anything but smooth microfibre beige; plain beige is a staple but most of the time isn’t very sexy. If you want to keep it practical, black is practical yet still sexy!
Sculptress Pure Lace

It’s always nice to have your sexy, feel fab lingerie in a set. Adding a matching panty makes it that much more sexy. 

Embrace being a woman and bring out your best body positive attitude. Embrace YOUR body and feel amazing in it!

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