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Wacoal Amazing Assets, Back Smoothing Bra Review in 36E

One of the most common concerns that women express when bra shopping is that their bra enhances the dreaded “back fat.” The Wacoal t-shirt bra is the ultimate in a back-smoothing bra. The wide band is strong and comfortable and because it’s fused of three layers (microfibre with a powerful inner stretch panel), not stitched, and elastic-free, the bra sits more smoothly on the skin – it hugs without digging in. With a triple hook and eye closure, the band offers plenty of support.

Wacoal |Amazing Assets 36DDD (36E)

The t-shirt bra (This t-shirt bra is known as a contour style. T-shirt bras can come in many styles – plunge, push-up, contour, or balcony. A t-shirt bra means a smooth cup, usually microfibre, without seams, that is invisible under t-shirts), is an essential piece in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. This t-shirt bra has lightly lined, molded microfibre cups, which make this bra perfect under a t-shirt or tight-fitting top, and give you a smooth shape while also concealing nipples.
The straps are fully adjustable, which is a great benefit, especially if your torso is on the shorter side. This bra has chimney style velvet-like straps, which help to prevent strap slippage. After two weeks of wearing this bra, the bra didn’t need any strap adjustments. The band is still as strong as the first day. After three weeks, only a tiny adjustment in the straps to tighten was necessary, which is common. Most bras stretch out a tiny bit in their first couple of weeks as they adjust to your body heat and movement.
This bra is pure comfort, with a buttery soft texture and a comfortable band and straps. The top edge of the cup sits flat and smooth, so the bra is invisible under any t-shirt. This is an everyday bra for all body types, and the t-shirt bra should be the first bra you buy as you make over your lingerie wardrobe.

Why should you buy this bra?
  • Back smoothing
  • Comfort
  • Ideal everyday bra
Ratings from our Fit Model:
Fit: Cup fits a little on the small side. We went up in band size to make the cup fit better (When you increase the band size the cup size increases as well).  My usual 34DDD became a 36DDD, because they do not offer DDDD cups in this style. A 34DDDD would have been a better fit in the band though. The pressure put on the band is caused by the cup sitting improperly.
(Note: US size DDD=UK size E & US size DDDD= UK size F)
Quality: This bra feels like it is going to last about 8-12 months before stretching out to the point of loss of support, based on the fact that I might wear it 2-3 times a week.
Comfort: One of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned!
Look: This is a pure comfort bra, not much of a fashion bra. The styling is plain but classic.
Price: At $89, the Wacoal is priced moderately and an essential investment in your wardrobe.
Size Range: 32-38 B-DDD (DDD=E)
Colours Available: Basic colours are available year round – nude, black, cappuccino. Fashion colours are released seasonally.
Fabric Content: 65% nylon/ 35% spandex
Overall D’Amour Grade: B
great price, unbelievably comfortable, good quality, fit is average

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