Thursday, 28 May 2015

Freya Gem, Balcony Bra Review in 34E

This balcony bra is the perfect style if you have a wide bust, short torso and are looking for comfort and support but don’t want to compromise on style or shape. The balcony cut of the Freya Gem offers a soft cup under wire bra that gives your breasts a natural, rounded shape without adding volume or bulk. This bra will create some sexy, natural cleavage. The top of the three-piece cup cuts a straight line across your top breasts but doesn’t fully cover them (covers about ¾ of the breast). If you’re looking for a smooth t-shirt bra, this isn’t it (try this one instead – Wacoal Amazing Assets). You can wear the balcony bra under most other styles of tops (lose fitting, thick-ish fabrics, textured fabrics, detailed shirts, blouses, layered looks) and it will give you fantastic bust lifting, round shaping, minimizing results!

This balcony-style bra is a great everyday bra for full busted body shapes. The wide-set straps create a nice, natural cleavage “frame” that works well with most shirt neck lines. As well, the style has a minimizing effect, something many fuller busted women are looking for. The wide wire's play a huge role in this bra. Some women have wider, shallow busts that need a wider wire or are short torso and need a shorter wire. Narrow wire's can be restricting on some women forcing the bust into the cup (although the size is right!) they will get an uncomfortable digging under the underarm where the breast starts; Wires that are too long on someone with a shorter torso can stick up into the arm pit. The fabrics of the cup are made of a light pink soft to the touch rigid microfiber underlay, and a lace polka dot over lay; The top cup is a non-stetchy lace which makes it a harder fit on drastically uneven busts. The straps and top/bottom band are made with pretty Picot elastic, loops of thread along the edges that are both functional and gorgeous detail! They help hold the strap slider in place, preventing the straps from what feels like straps stretching but is actually the slider moving and creating unpleasant strap slippage. Picot elastic is both pretty and practical on the Freya Gem.
The band on this bestseller balcony bra is made of medium weight lycra. After a month of regular, daily wear, there was minimal stretching noticed in the band and no adjustment in the band was needed. However clients who wear this bra every day have noticed a small band adjustment was needed after about 4 months, bringing the hook and eye closure to the middle hook and eye. Going with a more snug band size will ensure a longer life of your bra.
Show your fabulous cleavage off in a low-cut top with this fabulous, sexy balcony bra!
Why should you buy this bra?
  • You have a wide/shallow bust
  • You have a short torso
  • You like detail on your every day bras
  • You like sexy, natural cleavage
  • You need medium to somewhat full support
  • You love your natural bust size and don't want to add any volume or bulk
  • Everyday comfort is always an added bonus!
Comfort: Surprisingly comfortable, right from day one.
Fit: Fits true to size. Normal stretching with regular wear.
Look: Sexy, creates cleavage, pretty styling and details with bows, polka dots and lace.
Price: $73
Size Range: 30-38 D-G
Colours Available: Black/Pink, Nude/White
Quality: Moderately priced, meets moderate quality! This bra is no Empreinte, but it is certainly priced at a great price and the quality will not let you down.
Fabric Content: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane
Overall D’Amour Grade: B , The price is right for this comfortable, supportive, sexy bra with great fit.

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