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Empreinte Kaela Bra Review in 34E

“As close as you can get to a custom made bra”

Beauty and fashion combine with amazing support and quality in the Empreinte Kaela bra. Full busted women won’t have to sacrifice style to get an incredibly supportive fit, with gorgeous detailing.

The Empreinte is incredibly versatile and can be worn under almost anything in your wardrobe. Not only will the cup help you create and maintain your shape, but the detailing is beautiful and there are no unsightly seam lines. You’ll have a smooth, natural shape under a t-shirt and will still be able to show off some sexy cleavage in a clingy blouse.

A master of details, the Empreinte Kaela (like their other styles) is designed for both fantastic fit and style. It is possible to have both and the Empreinte proves it. The bra features intricate embroidery and delicate detailing, but not at the expense of comfort and support.


Empreinte is the only brand of bra that offers a well-fitting, seamless molded lace cup that lifts and pushes your breasts in for a minimizing and slimming look. Rather than enhancing your shape, other molded soft cups can create an unflattering wide, low-chested look. The cups are made of sturdy, durable fabrics, such as tulle, lace and microfiber, which ensure comfort and support. The rigid fabric is cut to create flat side panels. This pushes the breast towards the front of the bra, creating a flattering “up and in” shape. If you look closely to the pictures you can see the vertical internal seams designed right into the lace. The "seams" in bras are what give support pushing the bust up and in, empreinte designs their "seams" into their lace design so the bra is completely seam free with unbelievable support. 

Back material and straps

At some point, you’ve probably worn a bra (either the wrong size or well-worn), which rides up in the back. Not only is this uncomfortable and unattractive, it’s also unhealthy (check out our bra health post). The Empreinte’s fabric is a German material, made of lycra, not Elastane. The benefits? Strength, support and longevity. Even with regular stretching and wear, the fabric reverts back to its original size.

The straps are a wide set Chimney back, which helps the girls to stay in place and keeps the whole bra balanced. There is limited elasticity in the straps which supports the larger cup sizes and makes your bra last longer.


Do you have a love-hate relationship with underwire bras? You love the support they provide, but hate how uncomfortable they are when they dig into your skin? You’re not alone! Empreinte has designed the ultimate in underwire comfort. The wires are made of galvanized steel and covered in a recyclable plastic material. Then, there are four layers of fabric between the wire and breast. The wires are flat and designed to hold weight (more good news for full busted girls!) and won’t twist when you move. The wires won’t dig or move, but simply give you amazing support.

Why should you buy this bra?

       You have a wide/shallow bust
       You like detail on your everyday bras
       You like sexy, natural cleavage
       You need full support
       You love your natural bust size and don't want to add any volume or bulk
       You don’t want to compromise on quality, support or style


Comfort: Extremely comfortable, right from day one.
Fit: Fits true to size. Normal stretching with regular wear.
Look: Sexy, creates cleavage, pretty styling and sophisticated trim, with traditional bobbin lace edging at the neckline
Price: $162
Size Range: 30-46 C-G
Colours Available: Black, blush, caramel, muscade
Quality: The best quality you can buy! The price is high, but this bra is worth every penny
Fabric Content: 57% Polyester, 31% Polyamide, 12% Elasthanne
Overall D’Amour Grade: A+ Phenomenal comfort, support and style

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why You Need Sexy, Feel Fabulous Lingerie

In our recent blog post, Bra Wardrobe Essentials, we talked about sexy, feel fabulous bras being an essential part of your lingerie wardrobe.

Now this is a category some ladies skip, but you shouldn’t! Here’s why.

Being a woman is something to celebrate! A woman’s body is a beautiful creation, no matter what your size, shape or skin flaws. It’s how we hold ourselves. Sexy lingerie is, simply, lingerie that makes YOU feel sexy. It doesn't mean lingerie that you only wear on a date. When you feel sexy, your attitude shows it, and what’s sexier than a body-confident attitude?

Women are gorgeous creatures with all different body shapes and we have a huge variety of options in lingerie. Lingerie has come a long way since the ’70s, and yes, it's possible you may need a lingerie specialist to help show you what is best for your body shape today.

What to wear?

Try a silk or lacy bra that hugs and enhances your body and makes you feel sexy, or a low plunge neckline, push up bra, sheer lace, bows, ruffles, or frills! Oh my! It might be as simple as a print and a higher cut panty that enhances your curves. Wear what makes you feel sexy and shows off your body best.

A matching panty is a must in my opinion with sexy, feel fabulous bras. There is nothing sexier than a matching lingerie set. Grabbing two pair of panties allows more wear out of your sexy, feel fab bras because when one is in the wash, you have the other to wear. It also keeps your panties looking new and fab, because we wash our panties more than we wash our bras. 

 Scupltress Chi Chi

Empreinte Grace

Wear it for yourself! Wear it for your man! If your man tells you he doesn't care about lingerie, I beg to differ. Show him option A and option B, men love a tease!

Why we need sexy, feel fabulous lingerie in our wardrobe

It’s not about the size you wear; it’s about how you wear your size.
When you feel confident about yourself, it shows in your personality. Your lingerie is your foundation to the clothing you wear every day. When you throw on a bra and panty that doesn’t flatter the shape of your body, or is old and worn out, you can feel frumpy and naturally your confidence goes down.
Remember, confidence is sexy! Body confidence is empowering; let’s teach our children, and
ourselves, to love our bodies. And you can’t teach something you don’t believe!

Freya Pansy

Your sexy, feel fabulous bra can be:
  • Something sexy: lace, coloured, animal print!
  • Something that enhances your body and makes you feel rockin’: this might be a high-waisted panty and bra set or a support bra set that gives your body a great silhouette
  • Shapewear: shapewear can be sexy! There are many options in shapewear - it doesn’t have to be plain beige. Shapewear not only helps smooth and perk up the body, it can create a vintage, pin-up look (so sexy). Try to get this set in anything but smooth microfibre beige; plain beige is a staple but most of the time isn’t very sexy. If you want to keep it practical, black is practical yet still sexy!
Sculptress Pure Lace

It’s always nice to have your sexy, feel fab lingerie in a set. Adding a matching panty makes it that much more sexy. 

Embrace being a woman and bring out your best body positive attitude. Embrace YOUR body and feel amazing in it!

Freya Gem, Balcony Bra Review in 34E

This balcony bra is the perfect style if you have a wide bust, short torso and are looking for comfort and support but don’t want to compromise on style or shape. The balcony cut of the Freya Gem offers a soft cup under wire bra that gives your breasts a natural, rounded shape without adding volume or bulk. This bra will create some sexy, natural cleavage. The top of the three-piece cup cuts a straight line across your top breasts but doesn’t fully cover them (covers about ¾ of the breast). If you’re looking for a smooth t-shirt bra, this isn’t it (try this one instead – Wacoal Amazing Assets). You can wear the balcony bra under most other styles of tops (lose fitting, thick-ish fabrics, textured fabrics, detailed shirts, blouses, layered looks) and it will give you fantastic bust lifting, round shaping, minimizing results!

This balcony-style bra is a great everyday bra for full busted body shapes. The wide-set straps create a nice, natural cleavage “frame” that works well with most shirt neck lines. As well, the style has a minimizing effect, something many fuller busted women are looking for. The wide wire's play a huge role in this bra. Some women have wider, shallow busts that need a wider wire or are short torso and need a shorter wire. Narrow wire's can be restricting on some women forcing the bust into the cup (although the size is right!) they will get an uncomfortable digging under the underarm where the breast starts; Wires that are too long on someone with a shorter torso can stick up into the arm pit. The fabrics of the cup are made of a light pink soft to the touch rigid microfiber underlay, and a lace polka dot over lay; The top cup is a non-stetchy lace which makes it a harder fit on drastically uneven busts. The straps and top/bottom band are made with pretty Picot elastic, loops of thread along the edges that are both functional and gorgeous detail! They help hold the strap slider in place, preventing the straps from what feels like straps stretching but is actually the slider moving and creating unpleasant strap slippage. Picot elastic is both pretty and practical on the Freya Gem.
The band on this bestseller balcony bra is made of medium weight lycra. After a month of regular, daily wear, there was minimal stretching noticed in the band and no adjustment in the band was needed. However clients who wear this bra every day have noticed a small band adjustment was needed after about 4 months, bringing the hook and eye closure to the middle hook and eye. Going with a more snug band size will ensure a longer life of your bra.
Show your fabulous cleavage off in a low-cut top with this fabulous, sexy balcony bra!
Why should you buy this bra?
  • You have a wide/shallow bust
  • You have a short torso
  • You like detail on your every day bras
  • You like sexy, natural cleavage
  • You need medium to somewhat full support
  • You love your natural bust size and don't want to add any volume or bulk
  • Everyday comfort is always an added bonus!
Comfort: Surprisingly comfortable, right from day one.
Fit: Fits true to size. Normal stretching with regular wear.
Look: Sexy, creates cleavage, pretty styling and details with bows, polka dots and lace.
Price: $73
Size Range: 30-38 D-G
Colours Available: Black/Pink, Nude/White
Quality: Moderately priced, meets moderate quality! This bra is no Empreinte, but it is certainly priced at a great price and the quality will not let you down.
Fabric Content: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane
Overall D’Amour Grade: B , The price is right for this comfortable, supportive, sexy bra with great fit.

Bra Wardrobe Essentials

"Without the proper foundation there can be no fashion." - Christian Dior

You’ve probably heard that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, but what do you do when you find out YOU are wearing the wrong bra size? For the sake of your health, comfort, and showing off your body’s best shape, it's time to revamp your lingerie wardrobe.
I’ve put together a starter essentials list for you. These are the pieces you should have in your lingerie drawer to work with your wardrobe.

T-shirt Bra/Full Cup Support Bra - in Dark and Neutral
Most women have form-fitting shirts in their wardrobe (t-shirts, tank tops) that may be a type of fabric which shows off every detail (silk, satin, thin sweaters). For these types of shirts, you will need your bra to be as seam free as possible. A smooth cup t-shirt bra is best; if you are full-busted, try Empreinte moulded lace bra's, the cups are completely seam free and have unbelievable support. You can also look for a support bra with flat seams. Always do a t-shirt test when buying new bras, you can see the shape of your body better and you can see how visible the bra is under clothing.
To work with your wardrobe, you will need one in a neutral (beige or blush) and one in a dark colour (black, navy, purple). You will want one of each, dark and neutral, so if you are wearing a light coloured shirt your dark bra doesn't show through your shirt and if you are wearing a dark shirt, the colour of your shirt doesn't dye your neutral bra when rubbing against it.

Sport Bra
If you do any kind of sport - yoga, running, tennis, biking - you NEED a sport bra. Your bust can move up to 8cm up and down during exercise, ripping your Cooper's ligaments, which are what keep your bust line up and perky.

A sport panty is essential as well; when working out we obviously sweat. Sweat and heat are a breeding ground for bacteria. Sport panties have moisture wicking and antibacterial properties to keep you dry and free of bacteria.

Strapless Bra
A big fashion faux pas is having ugly bra straps showing; they can ruin your whole outfit. A strapless bra will be worn with strapless outfits, one-shouldered outfits, spaghetti strap outfits, halter-style outfits. Straps can sometimes be pretty and accessorize your outfit, but most of the time, straps are a big no-no.

Racer Back or Convertible Bra
If you have any shirts in your wardrobe that are racer back or are sleeveless with big armholes, a racer back should be in your lingerie wardrobe. You can wear a strapless bra with these shirts, but if you wear this style of shirt often, a racer back or convertible bra is a more comfortable option. Note: Racer back bras are not sport bras. You still need a sport bra in your wardrobe.

Sexy, Feel Fabulous Bras
Now this is the category some people skip, but you shouldn’t! Here’s why:
Being a woman is something to be proud of. A woman’s body is a beautiful creation, no matter what your size, shape or skin flaws. It’s how we hold ourselves. Sexy lingerie is lingerie that makes YOU feel sexy! It doesn't have to mean lace and frills (but to some it might!), It could be as simple as a print or a high waisted panty that enhances your curves. It's not about the size you wear, it's about how you wear your size. When you feel sexy, your attitude shows it, and what’s sexier than a body-positive attitude? A matching or coordinating panty (in my opinion) is a must with sexy, feel fabulous bras.

Seamfree Panties
Every woman needs seamfree panties in her wardrobe; you will always find an outfit you need them for. We have all seen the dreaded VPL (visible panty line) on someone and it is never a good look. Having at least one black and one nude in your wardrobe will work with your figure hugging dresses, pants, leggings, yoga pants and jeans. Black for darks and nude for your light colours.

Wacoal Amazing Assets, Back Smoothing Bra Review in 36E

One of the most common concerns that women express when bra shopping is that their bra enhances the dreaded “back fat.” The Wacoal t-shirt bra is the ultimate in a back-smoothing bra. The wide band is strong and comfortable and because it’s fused of three layers (microfibre with a powerful inner stretch panel), not stitched, and elastic-free, the bra sits more smoothly on the skin – it hugs without digging in. With a triple hook and eye closure, the band offers plenty of support.

Wacoal |Amazing Assets 36DDD (36E)

The t-shirt bra (This t-shirt bra is known as a contour style. T-shirt bras can come in many styles – plunge, push-up, contour, or balcony. A t-shirt bra means a smooth cup, usually microfibre, without seams, that is invisible under t-shirts), is an essential piece in every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. This t-shirt bra has lightly lined, molded microfibre cups, which make this bra perfect under a t-shirt or tight-fitting top, and give you a smooth shape while also concealing nipples.
The straps are fully adjustable, which is a great benefit, especially if your torso is on the shorter side. This bra has chimney style velvet-like straps, which help to prevent strap slippage. After two weeks of wearing this bra, the bra didn’t need any strap adjustments. The band is still as strong as the first day. After three weeks, only a tiny adjustment in the straps to tighten was necessary, which is common. Most bras stretch out a tiny bit in their first couple of weeks as they adjust to your body heat and movement.
This bra is pure comfort, with a buttery soft texture and a comfortable band and straps. The top edge of the cup sits flat and smooth, so the bra is invisible under any t-shirt. This is an everyday bra for all body types, and the t-shirt bra should be the first bra you buy as you make over your lingerie wardrobe.

Why should you buy this bra?
  • Back smoothing
  • Comfort
  • Ideal everyday bra
Ratings from our Fit Model:
Fit: Cup fits a little on the small side. We went up in band size to make the cup fit better (When you increase the band size the cup size increases as well).  My usual 34DDD became a 36DDD, because they do not offer DDDD cups in this style. A 34DDDD would have been a better fit in the band though. The pressure put on the band is caused by the cup sitting improperly.
(Note: US size DDD=UK size E & US size DDDD= UK size F)
Quality: This bra feels like it is going to last about 8-12 months before stretching out to the point of loss of support, based on the fact that I might wear it 2-3 times a week.
Comfort: One of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever owned!
Look: This is a pure comfort bra, not much of a fashion bra. The styling is plain but classic.
Price: At $89, the Wacoal is priced moderately and an essential investment in your wardrobe.
Size Range: 32-38 B-DDD (DDD=E)
Colours Available: Basic colours are available year round – nude, black, cappuccino. Fashion colours are released seasonally.
Fabric Content: 65% nylon/ 35% spandex
Overall D’Amour Grade: B
great price, unbelievably comfortable, good quality, fit is average

Health Benefits of Wearing a Properly Fit Bra

There are many reasons to make sure you’re wearing the right-sized bra for your bust, including comfort and fit. But did you know that wearing the wrong-sized bra could be causing you unnecessary health concerns?
Did you know that your breasts change sizes an average of five times in your life? If you’ve been wearing the same size since your prom, it’s time to get a fitting.
If you’re experiencing any of the following, your bra may be to blame! Of course, you should always talk to your doctor first. Here are seven reasons why you need to make sure you get a proper fitting the next time you buy a bra.
  • 1. Acid Reflux and Indigestion:
    When your bust is lifted off your stomach, you release the pressure from the weight of your bust, which may be causing digestive discomfort, IBS, or acid reflux. This is especially a problem for heavier chested girls.

  • 2. Poor Posture: Your bra’s band should provide 80% of the support of your bra, while the other 20% comes from your straps. When the weight of your bust is not supported, you tend to slouch forward, which, of course, leads to poor posture, back pain and in the long term a curved spine.
  • 3. Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain: Your shoulders have pressure points that your bra may be aggravating. When your band is too loose, it rides up your back, putting most of the support in the straps (see #2 above), and putting uncomfortable pressure on the pressure points in your shoulders. The result? Back, shoulder and neck pain! That can then lead to tension headaches and tendonitis in your shoulders.
  • 4. Breathing Difficulties: Those numbers that make up your bra size can be confusing! Are you a 32? 34? 40? Something in between? Can you finally take a deep breath when you take your bra off? A properly fitted bra ensures that both the size of the band and the cup size fit perfectly. A too-tight band will put pressure on your diaphragm, which will negatively affect your breathing.
  • 5. Ligament Damage: When your bra’s cups are too small, the wires sit on your breast tissue, tearing or damaging your cooper's ligaments. The wires are more likely to break through their casing and damage the skin as well. During exercise your bust can move up to 8cm up and down, ripping the ligaments that keep your breasts perky. Always invest in a good sport bra.

  • 6. Chafing: When your bra's cups are too big, the wire sits too far under your armpit, causing chafing in your underarms and causing the underwires to dig into your ribs. The straps are also located too close to the end of your shoulder causing strap slippage. If your bra band is too loose, it moves around a lot, causing uncomfortable chafing on your skin.
  • 7. Stomach Bulge: Who wants unsightly stomach bulge? No, thank you! An improperly fitted bra will accentuate any stomach bulge that you’d rather minimize.

The new year is always a great time to make positive changes to your health and well-being. Giving your lingerie wardrobe a makeover by getting a professional bra fitting is a great place to start.