Friday, 29 May 2015

Empreinte Kaela Bra Review in 34E

“As close as you can get to a custom made bra”

Beauty and fashion combine with amazing support and quality in the Empreinte Kaela bra. Full busted women won’t have to sacrifice style to get an incredibly supportive fit, with gorgeous detailing.

The Empreinte is incredibly versatile and can be worn under almost anything in your wardrobe. Not only will the cup help you create and maintain your shape, but the detailing is beautiful and there are no unsightly seam lines. You’ll have a smooth, natural shape under a t-shirt and will still be able to show off some sexy cleavage in a clingy blouse.

A master of details, the Empreinte Kaela (like their other styles) is designed for both fantastic fit and style. It is possible to have both and the Empreinte proves it. The bra features intricate embroidery and delicate detailing, but not at the expense of comfort and support.


Empreinte is the only brand of bra that offers a well-fitting, seamless molded lace cup that lifts and pushes your breasts in for a minimizing and slimming look. Rather than enhancing your shape, other molded soft cups can create an unflattering wide, low-chested look. The cups are made of sturdy, durable fabrics, such as tulle, lace and microfiber, which ensure comfort and support. The rigid fabric is cut to create flat side panels. This pushes the breast towards the front of the bra, creating a flattering “up and in” shape. If you look closely to the pictures you can see the vertical internal seams designed right into the lace. The "seams" in bras are what give support pushing the bust up and in, empreinte designs their "seams" into their lace design so the bra is completely seam free with unbelievable support. 

Back material and straps

At some point, you’ve probably worn a bra (either the wrong size or well-worn), which rides up in the back. Not only is this uncomfortable and unattractive, it’s also unhealthy (check out our bra health post). The Empreinte’s fabric is a German material, made of lycra, not Elastane. The benefits? Strength, support and longevity. Even with regular stretching and wear, the fabric reverts back to its original size.

The straps are a wide set Chimney back, which helps the girls to stay in place and keeps the whole bra balanced. There is limited elasticity in the straps which supports the larger cup sizes and makes your bra last longer.


Do you have a love-hate relationship with underwire bras? You love the support they provide, but hate how uncomfortable they are when they dig into your skin? You’re not alone! Empreinte has designed the ultimate in underwire comfort. The wires are made of galvanized steel and covered in a recyclable plastic material. Then, there are four layers of fabric between the wire and breast. The wires are flat and designed to hold weight (more good news for full busted girls!) and won’t twist when you move. The wires won’t dig or move, but simply give you amazing support.

Why should you buy this bra?

       You have a wide/shallow bust
       You like detail on your everyday bras
       You like sexy, natural cleavage
       You need full support
       You love your natural bust size and don't want to add any volume or bulk
       You don’t want to compromise on quality, support or style


Comfort: Extremely comfortable, right from day one.
Fit: Fits true to size. Normal stretching with regular wear.
Look: Sexy, creates cleavage, pretty styling and sophisticated trim, with traditional bobbin lace edging at the neckline
Price: $162
Size Range: 30-46 C-G
Colours Available: Black, blush, caramel, muscade
Quality: The best quality you can buy! The price is high, but this bra is worth every penny
Fabric Content: 57% Polyester, 31% Polyamide, 12% Elasthanne
Overall D’Amour Grade: A+ Phenomenal comfort, support and style

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